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There are four main types of gaming chairs: rockers, pedestals, racing seats, and standard PC chairs

If you spend a lot of time in front of your computer screen, whether working from home or hunkered down for long gaming sessions, the chair you choose can make all the difference. The right gaming chair isn’t just comfortable, but it can also help you avoid longer term back and neck problems that can be caused by sitting for prolonged periods of time without moving around.
There are four main types of gaming chairs: rockers, pedestals, racing seats, and standard PC chairs. While most are based on the same design principles, they differ in terms of appearance and ergonomic features. While many gamers prefer a bucket-seat style seat with a race car inspired design, it’s important to consider other factors when buying a gaming chair for your setup.
A good gaming chair is designed to be orthopedic, with a padded seat and armrests that are higher than usual office chairs, so they provide support for the shoulders, chest, and arms. They’re often available with lumbar supports that are adjustable, to suit your personal comfort. They also usually have features such as height adjustment and tilt controls, which allow you to adjust the position of the seat and backrest for optimal ergonomics.
Some gaming chairs are even built with memory foam seat cushions that provide a more comfortable experience than office-style chairs, as well as additional padding on the backrest and armrests. Some have waterfall seat cushions with a lowered lip at the front of the cushion that helps to support the thigh muscles and keep the legs in a more aligned position, while others include extra padding on the arms for added comfort.
Unlike office chairs, most gaming chairs are compatible with both PC and console video games, and some have extra features such as storage space for video game controllers, a cup holder, and speakers. Ensure that the gaming chair you buy is compatible with your gaming system and the type of games you play, as some models require specific input ports to function properly.
Gaming chairs are also available in a variety of different styles and colours, so you can match it to your home setup or gaming room decor. Some feature racing-inspired designs that are perfect for a home theater setup, while other gaming chairs have fun colour combinations that would look great in a child’s bedroom or a super-hero themed room.
Gaming chairs have a wide range of additional accessories that can be bought to further enhance your gaming experience, such as footrests, reclining mechanisms, and headrests. Many of these are optional extras, but you may find that some of them improve your comfort and enjoyment of the chair significantly. For example, a footrest allows you to relax your feet and take some pressure off your ankles and knees, while a headrest can be used to reduce fatigue from extended gaming sessions. Many people find that they’re able to focus better on the game when they have a good head rest, so this is something that’s worth considering.
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